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Savor the tastes of Tonkotsu Ramen in Midtown!

trying Donkatsu RamenBefore I harbored a deep love for Tonkotsu Ramen, I had no idea that Ramen was actually served as a delicacy in restaurant. I have always thought of Ramen as some convenient food you would pick up from an Asian grocery store. The salty and savory spice has fulfilled my sudden sodium-craving hunger, and I have been just satisfied with it.

After getting bored of eating out at a same place I routinely go for every weekends, I started to consider finding a new restaurant that would bring me some change. I was craving for unique and flavorful surprise that would bring me another new pleasure to my dining experience.

Eventually, a recommendation from a friend lead me to Noodle Midtown, a well known restaurant serving variety of Pan Asian cuisines for many years. It was based on the fact that I was able to glance through all the variety of Asian food from everywhere, and had feeling that I would find something extraordinary I have never tasted before.

As I entered Noodle Midtown, I had to take my time to be mesmerized by its surrounding.  There was a beautiful artwork in the wall, warm lights, and fancy looking bar at the front. Right from its décor to the ambiance, the whole setting exuded a modernistic and Oriental touch. My heart was already set in Asia and was feeling so oriental.

While every dish in the menu looked tasting so appetizingly distinct, I knew that all dishes were influenced by various parts of Asia. Some are the Korean vegetable mixed rice, other was the famous Tong Yang Kung soup from Thailand. It didn’t take long time until I discovered what I wanted to eat. I was there for rich, flavorful, savory tasting Ramen.  Tonkotsu Ramen quickly became my top choice for the night.

As Tonkotsu Ramen was arrived to my table, I instantly realized I have been exposed to a limited range of Ramen flavor all this time. The smell of slow-cooked salted pork and ginger were so different that it was nothing like the Ramen I have been eating all this time. It was whole different kind of delicious dish that is particularly rich in flavor. I picked up my spoon and had a sip of the broth. It was meaty, sour, salty and very savory. Smell of ginger and flaverful fat somehow mixed together to create unique taste I was looking for.

It was certainly a new surprise. If you asked me if I would recommend the Tonkotsu Ramen to you, I would certainly say Yes! If you are new to Asian Fusion style dishes, it is the time to start your new adventure. Dine at Noodle Midtown and discover what you are missing all this time. I am sure you will find something so delicious, as I have found one for myself.

This story was contributed by our customer.